"Micaela has been painting since she was very young, with only one interruption of three years from 1985 to 1988. Since childhood she has been traveling extensively, spending long periods in Argentina, England, France, Venezuela and the United States.

Micaela's painting celebrates the event of light and color in the night of the sleeping, torn and fragmented consciousness of our strange times. Her works are in collections in Germany, Japan, France, Switzerland, Italy, Brazil, Venezuela and the United States." -Micaela Cioc Signorini

-Micaela Cioc Signorini

Colors in the night

“The painting of Micaela Cioc Signorini, a solitary and nocturnal act, takes the form of a story. The painting becomes a closed world of itself, created precisely in the space of one night.

The repetition of this nocturnal and solitary action over the years constitutes the pictorial corpus of the artist. Rarely shown to the gaze of others, like the notes that make up a Diary, it retains its coherence. It is in fact the unfolding of a story – not linguistic but pictorial – of a figurative story, so to speak.

For Micaela, the night does not generate monsters but rather imaginary places, places of color and although the pictorial surface is born from an instinctual, automatic process for successive aggregations, for overlapping layers, for erasures, the final outcome of the process is always formally structured.

Painting for Micaela is a theory of colored materials; the pigment is language, signifier and signified that does not refer to anything other than itself.

Precisely the spatial composition of the work, that is the coincidence of the totality of the support with the expansion of the painting, testifies to the immediacy of the gesture that during the execution becomes increasingly automatic, faster, aimed at covering with the paint the last edges of the canvas. The painting is born in one night and is not subsequently adjusted, therefore repentance and retouching are avoided, since also erasures are immediate. Just like an outpouring of awareness, a letter written without a first draft, painting is a lightning language."

-Lucilla Meloni

A reason to live

"Painting is Micaela Cioc Signorini’s reason for living. She is one of those few artists who abandon everything for the love of painting. Contemplating a work by Micaela is finding the energy necessary for the hours of the day to become intense. Color becomes her great nourishment.

What mystery does each of her works contain?

What sensibility does she manage to set in motion?

Micaela turns the darkness of the nights into a source of energy. It's like a reversed sun, it comes out in the night to light up and makes it possible to see in the dark. Maybe that's why she pours so much power and energy out of her work. Color invades everything, it has great power... they radiate light.

But this habit of painting at night does not obscure her thoughts. In her works there is no darkness, nor melancholy. Her great strength is making decisions above destiny. She paints for herself, and this is her confidence and determination. When she reaches the pinnacle that satisfies her good taste, her personality is full.

She paints at an amazing speed, activated by an automatic force that unloads with energy on the canvas, without any intervention that regulates reason. In this way she manages to obtain a wild freshness that alienates her from the civilized world.

“Painting increases my self-confidence and makes me feel satisfied, I can paint when I am sad or in the midst of great happiness. I love to paint fast... and I never know what I'll be able to achieve".

These words define her being as an artist very well. She paints with the same intensity with which she breathes. Her paintings are the result of the self-confidence with which she makes her decisions. What she executes cannot be corrected.

She begins a work and does not stop until the end. "When I've decided it's over, I'll never go back to it"

Although she spends several months a year in Naples, she works and paints in Buenos Aires. "A city that generates a thousand fantasies and energies in me, much more than in Italy".

Micaela uses Fluo colors mixed with other traditional tones that she applies by circling the canvas, spinning with it. With this way of painting, she eliminates the horizon line. In her paintings there is no high or low, a before or after. What she creates is the snapshot that remains of an unrepeatable moment. So is her life too.

She travels the world sailing in the seas of color.

In each of her exhibitions that she creates, the colors of her paintings follow one another like mannequins in a fashion show. Her displays are elegant and each canvas, like a model, shows its personality.

Her work grows and spreads over the wall, it is impossible not to record it.

The integration of the different colors worked with the spatula is like an autumn ivy climbing up against the wall. It's impossible not to acknowledge it.

Emotion, strength, vibration are the words that flow in the face of such boldness. The courage to work by throwing oneself into the void is also felt by the visitor when he contemplates them. It is not painting for fearful people. The one who looks must dive and face with enthusiasm the feeling that each work radiates.

As an artist, painting saves her from madness, we as spectators can reflect on the invitation to live intensely while contemplating it.

Micaela will always have her hands to work with and we will have our eyes to expand our lives. She always remembers when as a child in Argentina she never separated from a red paint folder where she kept her colors and drawings. When we contemplate her work, we retain the emotion of an unforgettable adventure. "

-Julio Sapollnik

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