Micaela Cioc Signorini
Micaela has painted all her life except for a short period from 1985 to 1988. She has always traveled extensively and has spent long periods living in Argentina, England, France, Venezuela and the United States.
“The painting of Micaela celebrates the event of light and color in the night of the sleepy, lacerated and fragmented consciousness of our strange times”.
Her work can be found in collections of Germany, Japan, France, Switzerland, Italy, Brazil, Venezuela and the United States.

Colors in the night

Lucilla Meloni
Micaela Cioc Signorini’s paintings – solitary nocturnal acts – have a decidely narrative form. Each work is a self-contained world created, literally, in the space of a single night. Her pictorial opus is composed of all these solitary, nocturnal feats, practiced repeatedly for years.
Rarely have the works been on view and, reminiscent of notes in a personal diary, they still contain the same sort of coherence. In fact, taken together the works constitute a narrative progression – in pictorial rather than linguistic terms – and rare formulated like a story. Nights are indispensable to Micaela’s world; instead of generating monsters, the night represents a series of imaginary places. Portrayed in strokes of color, the painted surfaces issue from instinctive or automatic processes based on a succession of compiled elements, or superimposed layers of paints or erasures; underlyng the final result of this progression there is, inevitably, a formal structure. Micaela considers painting a concept of colored materials; pigment is its own language, insular in its meaning, and constituting its own point of reference.
The actual spatial composition of the works, that is, the way the paint is applied, is spread over the totality of the support and attests to the immediacy of the gestures she uses. Her execution is increasingly automatic and quick, aimed at converting even the outmost edges of the canvas with paint. Her paintings are created in the space of one night with no ulterior retouching. Even the erasures are performed immediately, and as a consequence leave no room for regrets or second-toughts. This is painting in instantaneous language, like the externalization of consciousness, a letter written with no first draft, a direct expression of the self.

A Reason to Live

Julio Sapollnik

Painting is her reason to live. Micaela Cioc Signorini is one of those few artists who quit everything for the sake of painting. Contemplating one of Micaela’s art pieces is finding the necessary energy to make the hours of the day more intense. Colour is her sustenance.
What mystery does each work have? What sensitivity is set in motion?
Micaela transforms the darkness of nights into energy source. lt’s like a sun the other way round, rises in the night and allows to see within the darkness. Perhaps that is the reason why her work is so powerful. Colour invades everything, has a great audacity … irradiates light.
But this devout attitude of painting during the night does not obscure her saying. There ‘s neither gloom nor melancholy in her works. Her great strength is to make decisions about her destiny. She paints for her, that is her security. When she reaches the summit that satisfies the good taste, her personality is filled.
She paints at a crazy speed, activated by an automatic discharge that dumps with the energy on the fabric, without the regulating intervention of reason. Thus, she obtains a wild freshness that separates her from the civilized world. “Painting increases my self-esteem, makes me feel satisfied. I can paint when I am sad or in the midst of great joys. I love painting quickly… l’m never sure what l’m going to achieve”
These word’s define her as the artist she is. She paints with the same intensity that she breathes. Her paintings are the result of the security with which she makes decisions . What she runs is not fixed. A work begins and does not stop unti! the end; “Once l’ve decided to finish it, I do not look through it again.”
Although she lives several months a year in Naples, she works and paints in Buenos Aires , “a city that generates me more fantasies than ltaly”.
Micaela uses fluo colours along with other traditional tones . She applies them by turning the canvas in circles, rotating alongside it by this way of painting, she eliminates the horizon line. In her paintings there is no up or down, a before or an after. What she creates is the snapshot of an unrepeatable moment. So is her life, she goes around the world sailing coloured seas.
In each of her exhibitions, the colours of her pictures appear like a mannequin in a fashion parade. The exhibits are elegant and each fabric, like a model, shows its personality.
Her work grows and expands on the wall, and it is impossible not to become aware of it. The integration of the different colours worked with spatula is like an autumn ivy pressed against the wall. lt is impossible not to experience it.
Emotion, strength, vibration are the words that arise in the face of such audacity . That audacity to work pushing the limits, is the same that the visitor needs to contemplate Micaela’s art. Her paintings are not for shy people. The one who looks must plunge and face with courage the feeling that emanates from each work.
As an artist, painting saves her from madness . We, as spectators , can reflect on this inv itation to live with intensity.
Micaela is always going to. have her hands to work and we, the eyes to expand our live . She always remembers when, at the age of eight, she kept her paintings in a red patent leather wallet. We contemplate her work and keep the emotion of an unforgettable adventure.

Julio Sapollnik

  • lndependent curator Degree in Art History, Master in Argentinian culture, Scholarship for Fulbright Commission and lnternational Council of The Museum of Modem Art, New York.
  • Jury in several important prizes.
  • Palais de Glace Director and curator of special exhibitions in National Library.
  • Art critic in Diario Clarìn and Pagina 12.
  • He also contributes to chilean magazine “Arte al limite”.
  • Organizer of “MIRA’ Festival de Arte” in Borges Cultura! Center. He is the host of “Cu!tura al Dia”, a radio show in Radio Palermo FM 94.7, in Buenos Aires.

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Micaela Cioc Signorini
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